Considering getting cash from Cash Central? In these hard times it can be difficult to put cash away and save for those nasty little surprises that always end up getting us one way or another.

It’s often embarrassing to keep asking for loans from friends or family or having to continuously go to the bank to ask for more money. Payday loans from Cash Central give you an option outside of these, lending you money until your next paycheck to be paid back with astronomical interest.

The appeal of a payday loan is the fact that you get a little bit of money quickly so you can pay whatever it is you need to pay on time. People who take out these loans need to pay surprise expenses such as medical bills or car repairs and some just need a little extra pocket money to help out with the bills.

Getting a payday loan can be risky because of the high rates in comparison to a loan from the bank. These loans are often a last resort, although some companies give you better deals than others. Cash Central offers you these short-term advances that last about 18 days in order to help you, but they can end up hurting in the long run.




Review of Cash Central

Cash Central is a payday loan company that provides small advances of cash to it’s customers at a high interest rate to be paid back before the next paycheck. This is helpful only if you have the money to pay the loan back as well as the high interest rate. Cash Central gives preference to those who have borrowed from the before. As a premiere member, you will save 15% on your first loan and 10% on every loan after

Cash Central boasts a personal and user-friendly experience that will make the loan process easy and accessible to the customer. When you apply for a loan from them, your application is considered in seconds, and if you are approved, the money will be in your account the next business day. The speed at which the money arrives in your hand accounts for much of the hype about payday loans.

Who Gets Accepted?

Although the requirements for being accepted for a loan are very minimal, there are still some requirements to make the transaction somewhat secure for the company. In order to get a loan from Cash Central, you have to be employed for three months or longer, and you have to bring home a minimum of $1,000 monthly after taxes. This assures that you will have the means to pay the loan back, should they decide to give you a loan.

On top of having a job, you must have a valid checking account in your name and current and valid home and work telephone numbers. This ensures them that you are not taking out a loan in someone else’s name, and that they will be able to reach you if you should default on your loan. And finally, you have be a U.S. citizen that is over the age of 18.


In general, the rates of payday loans are so high that it’s enough to make anyone blush and Cash Central is up to par with the rest of their competitors. When you borrow a loan from them you will pay $25 for every $100. They boast a rate of 651.8% APR. In the general world of loans, this is ridiculously high, but for payday loans this is about what you will pay no matter who you borrow from.

The exact terms of the loan will vary from state to state. They do not serve all states, so if yours is not one of them, then Cash Central is not a good choice for you to begin with. They currently serve Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Alaska, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and California.

They will allow you to borrow between $100 and $1,500 at a time, ensuring that they will always make a decent chunk of change on their loans. One of the most appealing things about Cash Central is that you will get a discount on your loans If you become a premiere member, but you should always be careful borrowing from a company that rates a BBB by the national business bureau.

How You Will Pay

Cash Central claims that they have wonderful customer service that you can reach whenever you need to in order to get help or have questions answered about the state of your loan. They help you find a loan payment plan that fits your needs. You can choose to have a payment plan set up where you pay small installments on your loan and pay them gradually until your loan is paid off. The other option is to pay it in one lump sum on a date that you set with that company.

If you cannot pay your loan on time you will need to contact Cash Central right away. You will be subject to late fees and have to pay them even more money than you originally had to, but they will not default your loan and you will have a longer amount of time to pay them back. In order to do this, you can reach them by phone, e-mail or blogs created to answer your questions.

Our Recommendation

If you are really in the hole and need to take out a payday loan with no other options, Cash Central isn’t a bad choice. Unlike many other loan companies, Cash Central does offer you an option to get a discount, which is appealing to those who don’t have the funds for their high interest rates. In general, their interest rates are to high and the payment plan is so demanding that it is almost impossible to keep up with the payment plans if you are truly someone who needs the money that you are borrowing.

Contrary to popular belief, Cash Central is not a scam, but is a legitimate company with ridiculous standards for those who will borrow from them. Be sure that you are prepared to pay the interest on the money that you borrow before you invest in this trying endeavor.